S4.2: Allen Perkins: Of Kaiju, “Right People” and How Little COVID-19 Has Changed Life as an Archivist

I’m thrilled to pieces to welcome my beloved friend and colleague Allen Perkins to Archivist’s Alley. More importantly, he is my first REAL GUEST from my new home base here in Paju, South Korea!
I hope you enjoy our conversation as much as I liked having it.
He is a really special person to me in all kinds of ways and beyond talented. He is funny, charming and delightful. I wish you could all meet him in person. When I say on the podcast that I respect him and wish that I was as talented as he is, I am not even lying. He’s impressive. We should all be so lucky to be as engaged, passionate and gifted in our chosen line of work as my darling pal Allen is.
As usual, profile and bio below, plus a few frames of the super cool font presentation we talk about on the ‘cast!!!

As I’ve been here and as things have been getting weirder and more worrisome all over the world, I decided that, as an archivist, archival activist and advocate for change (especially in terms of platforming invisible voices via my podcast) I wanted to cover how COVID-19 is hitting (or not hitting) the people in our community. So if you are reading this and you are a media specialist, historian, information professional of any kind and identify as POC, LGBTQI, differently abled, woman-identifying, or any other marginalized group that my privileged white ass may have not covered (and for which I deeply apologize), please hit me up here archivistsalley@gmail.com

Allen Perkins is an enthusiastic film arqueervist who loves handling and researching film and thinking of creative approaches to restoration. Currently he is unemployed and probably working on a shitpost for Archivist Memes.

One of the brilliant intertitles that Allen created
Another one of the brilliant intertitles that Allen created
Allen is just a rock star.

S4.1: Ariel and Archivist’s Alley Moved to Korea: Update and Request

Hey there!

It’s me, Ariel.

I finally got myself together enough to record an episode. And I’m glad I did. I swore that I wouldn’t leave this behind when I moved to Korea and I’m very much not intending to.

The world has clearly been changing drastically since I left the US and I think this show HAS to reflect that.

I want to invite anyone who wants to talk about all the things that we normally talk about- preservation, mental health, media materials, white supremacy, class consciousness, archives, digitization, technology, queerness, blackness, transphobia, contract work and unions- to feel free to contact me at archivistsalley@gmail.com or via Twitter @archivistsalley and maybe we can do an episode together.

Community- it’s what’s feeds the heart, soul & mind. Let’s keep it healthy while we keep ourselves healthy, yeah?

So here’s my update. Gimme a shout, y’all.