About The Podcastress and The Podcast

My name is Ariel Schudson and welcome to my shindig!

My intentions for this podcast are:

1) A more radical oral history interpretation of the work I started in grad school on the history and experience of women in moving image archiving.

2) An entertaining and educational program featuring Superstar People making a difference in the archiving & preservation world. I plan to center the voices of WOC/women, POC, LGBTQI+, older folx, differently abled, and others who have otherwise been silenced and underrepresented.  The emphasis is on inclusivity and representation in the preservation world.

3) I’m a film writer/critic, preservationist, and activist who has been in the film world for 20 years. I love what I do. Talking about film, media & moving image-related work with a collective of people whose work ads to the world in a positive manner seems like one of the best uses of my advanced media training and people skills. There may be a slight bend towards film/TV/Media work but the podcast is not exclusive to moving image preservation labor.

The primary concentrations will be: intersectionality, archiving, and preservation and accessibility. These entertaining conversations on TV/film & media should be able to be understood by all listeners. If you listen to an episode and something doesn’t make sense, PLEASE EMAIL ME and let me know . I will answer your question on the next podcast!

The only foolish question is the one unasked. I became an academic, an archivist and a film activist because moving image work is something that, at its BEST, should be at work for ALL people. If we can’t all love its its wacky wild coolness, there’s no point.

Welcome to the street party I call Archivist’s Alley. Grab a drink, chill out. Hope you stay for a while. It’s gonna be a good time.