This glossary serves as a dynamic list of terms, phrases and  words relating to topics that:

  1. may arise within conversations being had during each podcast
  2. will always guide the intent & ideologies behind the creation of Archivist’s Alley itself

If there are any additions or corrections that should be made, please contact me!!

All Credit for Moving Image/Media Related Terms:

**National Archives – Archival Formats: Glossary of Terms Terms Used in the Preservation of Audio, Video and Motion Picture Film and to Marc Heuck for a few terms from the New Beverly Website glossaryBAVC (Bay Area Video Coalition)’s AV Preservation GlossaryFilm Preservation Guide GlossaryElectronic Arts IntermixDigital Preservation Coalition Glossary

All Credit for Social Action/Activism/Inclusivity Related Terms:

** Trans Student Educational Resources, The ABC’s of Social Justice:A Glossary of Working Language for Socially Conscious ConversationDiversity and Social Justice: A glossary of working definitions