S4.1: Ariel and Archivist’s Alley Moved to Korea: Update and Request

Hey there!

It’s me, Ariel.

I finally got myself together enough to record an episode. And I’m glad I did. I swore that I wouldn’t leave this behind when I moved to Korea and I’m very much not intending to.

The world has clearly been changing drastically since I left the US and I think this show HAS to reflect that.

I want to invite anyone who wants to talk about all the things that we normally talk about- preservation, mental health, media materials, white supremacy, class consciousness, archives, digitization, technology, queerness, blackness, transphobia, contract work and unions- to feel free to contact me at archivistsalley@gmail.com or via Twitter @archivistsalley and maybe we can do an episode together.

Community- it’s what’s feeds the heart, soul & mind. Let’s keep it healthy while we keep ourselves healthy, yeah?

So here’s my update. Gimme a shout, y’all.